Prestige electronic & Virtual Guard

Prestige Electronics & Virtual Guard

P.I.S, Inc., is one of the top professional security companies that provides clients with the latest technology equipment and professionally trained uniformed security officers, patrol services and security camera monitoring.

At P.I.S, Inc., Providing exceptional SECURITY OFFICER services starts by developing relationships with our clients. Exceptional security also means delivering the best possible security officer to meet our clients needs. That is why we invest so much time and effort in attracting, qualifying, training and retaining security officers who meet our professional work standards.

Destiny Mobile(Virtual Services)

Destiny Mobile offers our security offices the ability to conduct and complete digital reporting, tracking and communication with our clients ALL IN REAL TIME!

Utilizing Destiny Mobile, our security officers can create reports, receive dispatches, scan GuardTour codes (QR Tag) and more.

Our management team has the capability to verify our employee’s location and patrol history IN REAL TIME TRACKING!